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School Expectations — Book Returns

Operational funding allocated to textbook replacement significantly impacts the school’s ability to purchase other learning resources for our students.   Textbook and library book losses cost the school thousands of dollars every year.

Students are asked to take responsibility for caring for, and returning, textbooks provided for their studies.

Students who accumulate outstanding school resources over $20 will not be issued new textbooks until the resources are returned, paid for, or determined forgiven by administration.

Students not issued textbooks will not be denied the opportunity to continue in their learning.  While students will not have the convenience of accessing their own copy of the text, they may be given the opportunity to capture required information from a textbook through a personal device, provided paper or electronic copies or may have access to classroom copies of the textbook during their class, support block and/or learning over lunch.

Tracking your library book & textbook resources — watch the 1 minute video below