Lunchtime Learning

D.D.R. Mondays

Students are encouraged to D.D.R. — drop their device and read silently  during the lunch hour.   Whether or not students choose to read recreationally or read course-related material, the library is designated as a silent zone at this time.  There are psychological benefits to the sound of silence — as outlined in this 2017 Globe and Mail article as well as health benefits, as outlined in this Reader’s Digest article.  What better place than the library to experience these benefits?


If you love to read and have strong opinions, join this student book club.  Help develop the long list for Vic High Reads 2019 — and the short list of 12 titles presented at the beginning of second semester.

We meet in Tuesdays at 11:45 in the table area of the library.  Snacks provided!

Thinking Thursdays

If you don’t have homework, why not ponder your response to a big, important question? Questions of the week, drawn from our daily newspaper and magazines — and will be posted on the windows at the library entrance.  You’re invited to read the suggested articles — and to write your own related questions to the board.  See Ms. Burleson for a sticky note to add the board and inspire your peers to think and discuss!

Fun Fridays

Enjoy board games such as chess, Scrabble, Settlers of Catan, chess, Urban Legend,  Trivial Pursuit and more during the lunch hour.  Try the board games on the tables or choose another.