ELL/Inclusive Learning

Students new to Canada or needing extra reading support will find a full collection of basic readers in the ELL/Knowledge Builders section of the library,  more challenging book series in the regular fiction section, and the online newspapers below (see your teacher-librarian, library clerk, or classroom teacher for password access).


  • Talk to the teacher-librarian for help in finding books that best suit your interests and reading level.


In the Library

1. Browse the ELL shelf which includes  Starter books, levels 1 through 5+.  Higher numbers indicate a more challenging reading level.  Penguin ELL Readers have an audio book companion.  It helps to listen to the books while reading the print text.

2.  In the library catalogue search by book series.   Type one of the following series  names into the catalogue search box, then click the series icon below the search box:


  • Dear  Canada
  • Sidestreets
  • Orca
  • Rapid Reads
  • Graphic Classics