Inquiry Pathfinders

The Guided Inquiry Design Process is a research process grounded in decades of research that illustrate its effectiveness.  Inquiry Pathfinders from Vic High Library are designed to assists students with one or more of the inquiry phases in context of specific information tasks in a given class.


  • Begin with a specific inquiry pathfinder below; access the link in your Google Classroom.
  • If you miss the lesson associated with the inquiry pathfinder, see your teacher-librarian Ms. Burleson.  The student guides are a touchstone, but are not a substitute for the teaching and learning that happens face-to-face.
  • If you do not see an inquiry pathfinder for your class and you need help, see  Ms. Burleson.


InformationTaskCourseTeacher/DateStudent Guides - Inquiry Phases
Explore three different skilled tradesICSMr. Hamilton, s1, 2017-18OVERVIEW
What is the ITA? What does it do?

STARTING POINTS - What might interest you?

Student success stories
video introductions to top trades

NUTS & BOLTS -- the details
Job overview, salary (top trades in demand)
Application process, program requirements & outline
- Be able to explain why someone from your home country is a "hero," using research.ELDMs. McTavishHeroes Research -- FINDING RESOURCES


Heroes Research -- CREATE YOUR PROJECT
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- Gather reliable sources on your home country, reference sources correctly, and take notes in your own wordsELDMs. McTavishHome Country Research: Finding and Tracking sources
- Be able to access and use audiobooksELDMs. McTavishAudiobooks Activity
Grade 9
- Research a revolutionSocial Studies 9Ms. Lukat, s1, 2017-18Gather -- sources from Vic High's Digital Library
- Understand forms of plagiarism and how to avoid themSocial Studies 9Ms. Mengual, s1, 2018-2019Forms of plagiarism
Citation & Avoiding plagiarism - Note-taking template
Avoiding unintentional plagiarism -- a few examples
- Research & defend an invention of the Industrial RevolutionSocial Studies 9Mme. Mengual, s1, 2017-18Gather sources
Create essay notes
Create a multi-media presentation
- Create a blog shell for a literature circle novel (beginner)English 9Ms. Webster, s2, 2017-18Open/Immerse -- why blog?
Create -- the blog shell
Create -- the blog post
- Gather information for a persuasive paragraphEnglish 9Ms. Melvin, s1, 2018-19Step 1: Find quality sources

Step 2: Preparing for Note-taking
Phase 3: Create the outline, citations, & reference list
Grade 10
- Develop an inquiry-based project on a topic related to the content of SS 10SS10Ms. Fischbach, s2, 2018-19Open/Explore
Identify an inquiry question (see Ms. Burleson for handout)

Gather sources for the inquiry question by creating a Working Reference List with annotations (see Ms. Burleson for instructions on moving ahead)
- Develop an informed opinion about book challenges and bans in school librariesEnglish 10Ms. Hope, s2, 2019Bookmark template
Freedom to Read web site
Bookmark assignment directions
- Find reliable and current sources to develop an infographic comparison of two countries' populationsSS10Ms. Mengual, s2, 2018-19Finding Sources
Example of a comparison-style infographic
- Develop an inquiry question for an interdisciplinary investigationEnglish 10Ms. Hope, s1, 2018Strategies for developing an inquiry question
Finding appropriate sources
- Locate THREE useful resources that pass the CRAAP test to develop the genetics projectScience 10Ms. Koslowski, s1, 2018Lesson - Finding Sources
-Develop a character sketch of Billy Bishop using images, knowledge of the play Billy Bishop Goes to War, and the text sources from Biography Resource in Context databaseEnglish 10Ms. Gerwing, s1, 2018-19Assignment Directions/Evaluation
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Analyse d’une caricature du CanadaFrench Immersion - 10Ms. Jensen, s1, 2017-18Sources
Begbie Contest Society
Globe Cartoons by Chappatte (en francais)
EBSCO Primary Search database (scroll down to icon from this link)
Create your project
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Find primary and secondary sources to develop an informational poster about an Vic High individual who served during World War ISocial Studies 10Ms. Potkins, s1, 2018-2019Primary Sources
Victoria High School in the Great War web site**specific sections
The British Colonist online
Secondary Sources
Victoria High School in the Great War**specific sections
A City Goes to War web site

SEARCH TIPS (class lesson)
View the slides/lesson
Develop an evidence-based research essay on a topic related to Canada and World War ISocial Studies 10Ms. Davis, s2, 2017-18Choosing a Topic
Gathering & evaluating sources -- the annotated reference list
Developing an inquiry question
Gather information to support persuasive research-based essayEnglish 10Ms. Hope, s1, 2017-18Choosing SourcesPhase 3: Preparing for Writing the Essay
Gather information about a notable woman who fits the Women's History Month 2019 and develop a postcard biographyLTST 10Ms. Hope, s2, 2018-19Sign up sheet
Assignment Outline

Notes/writing tips & exemplar of postcard bio -- see Ms. Burleson for handouts

Sample postcard bio (created with a free template on

Develop an inquiry on a topic related to the Victorian EraEnglish 10Ms. Hope, s2, 2018Victorian Era -- open/explore
Find & discuss an interdisciplinary connection to literature English 10Ms. Hope, s2, 2018Developing an inquiry question
Grade 11
- Find useful & reliable sourcesGender Studies 11/12Ms. Sholinder, s1, 2018Finding useful sources through library databases
- Find reliable sources of data about a countrySocial Studies 11Ms. Jensen, s1, 2018Gathering Information - Choosing sources of data (includes links to suggested resources)
- Find biographical information & images related to a famous 20th century photographerPhotography 11Ms. Pugh, s2, 2017-18Gathering Sources &Creating Citations
- Research a topic of interest related to astronomyAstronomy 11Mr. Geehan, s2, 2017-18Open/Immerse -- explore topic possibilities
Gather sources for a working Reference List
- Find reliable sources for research on the topic of "social norms"Psychology 11Ms. Finlayson, Fall 2017Gather -- Finding sources
Grade 12
-Develop a persuasive essay based on researchEnglish 12Mr. Dunstan, s1, 2018-19STEP 1: Develop a focus and search strategy
STEP 2: Select, Sort & Sift Sources<a STEP 3: Read, Develop a thesis & read/highlight to support the thesis
STEP 4: Build the essay outline & notes
- Develop critical and creative response to a dystopian novelEnglish 12Ms. Hope, s1, 2018-19Join the class' Voicethread
Inquiry-based persuasive essay
Phase 1: Open/Explore phase
Phase 2: Identify a focus & gather sources
Phase 3: Articulate a thesis, select & organize information
- Develop an evidence-based persuasive essay using the inquiry processEnglish 12Ms. Melvin, s1, 2018-19Phase 1: Open/Explore
Phase 2: Develop an Inquiry Question & Gather Sources
Phase 3: Prepare for note-taking
Phase 4: Build the Essay
Phase 5: Create the final essay
Phase 6: Self-evaluation
- Create a blog shell for a literature circle title (advanced)English 12Ms. Melvin, s2, 2017-18Create --a blog shell that shows an understanding of digital design and digital identity
- learn about an event/period in 20th century history through a graphic novelHistory 12Mr. Bradley, s1, 2017-18Open/Explore the Possibilities